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Entry #5

What a Great Pixel Day

2017-01-22 01:09:42 by MEGAROBBY

Another great Pixel Day, and someone please do a kickstarter for a huge picoday party

I made a game but wasn't able to finish it because of other work I had to do. Look forward to more games!

Donald Trump was going to get his ass kicked again but I did even get to the part where you drill Putin's asshole.

You play as Donald Duck looking for Walt Disney's frozen head. 

Donald's Adventure

Fuck Trump


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2017-01-22 05:21:18

It would be great if they could do a kickstarter for one, but mostly it's because Tom's stressed about stuff and it wouldn't be good for him mentally, poor guy. :c

Sucks that you couldnt finish the game but I gotta say, very imaginative. It had some funny bits and some good shots of stuff. My favorite shot was of that mysterious door with the lock on it and the two torches, the animation was fluid and beautiful. I'm guessing that was supposed to be a secret you had to figure out how to unlock for something cool by finding a key that's not currently in the game?

Still had fun though, the part where Kermit tells you how to build a bridge with terrible grammar had me laughing.

MEGAROBBY responds:

Thanks, that door in the dungeon is suppose to be the last room you enter but I didn't even get close to finishing. I'm glad you liked it even tho it is missing so much, lets all give Tom an amazing Picoday! I might make a pico game (Pico in the Hood)


2017-01-22 05:22:13

and happy pixel day!